Besides studying how to play the violin all my life, I have been also studying the violin itself as an amazing machine.

Since the concept of the first "modern violin" was built by Andrea Amati (1525-1611) and perfected by his grandson Nicolo Amati (1596-1684), we have not been able to improve it.
Not even with the technology of this day.

My fascination with the instrument took me to work at violin shops since the early 90's and until now I still remain in the market as an independent dealer or "Finder" of the perfect instrument that suits your needs both musical and financial.

I put all of my experience as violinist, teacher and violin dealer at your disposal.

From a student instrument to a rare Italian violin, I can help you find it.

Don't hesitate to write me and I will save you time and money.
 An old and very special picture with my first big sale in 1992.
A Joseph Guarnieri, 1742